Fashion Jewelry – Ten Ways to Stay Ahead of the Pack This Season

Let’s face it – sometimes, you can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to staying on trend, let alone staying one step ahead of the pack when it comes to fashion jewellery. With so many designers and different trends emerging from all the different shows, it’s a challenge to keep your look stylish and original.

Building on some of the exciting new trends, these 10 pointers suggest easy ways you can take this season’s trends to the next level.

1. It’s a little inappropriate to flash the cash with the biggest bling right now. But neither are you expected to put on sackcloth and lose all sense of style! Playfully scoffing at economic woes with bright colours and happy-go-lucky designs is fine.

2. Unexpected materials are set to be really hot in 2009 and beyond. We’re talking about recycled beads, or rainforest seeds contrasted with base metals like brass. There’s no such thing as too wacky! Remember – talking points are always good, and interesting materials in fashion jewellery, like seed jewellery, are guaranteed to get people asking where you got your jewellery from.

3. Bib Necklaces are back! And the great thing is that you can keep it cheap and look great by wearing a simple white T-shirt with a striking bib necklace to make your statement. A trend that won’t break your bank account!

4. Eccentricity is good. Be eccentric, be idiosyncratic. For example, don’t be afraid to clash bold colours. Just be yourself.

5. Asymmetry, which was taking off in 2008, is growing in popularity but hasn’t yet saturated the market. In particular, asymmetric necklaces are just so different and really catch the eye.

6. This may sound a little weird, but do not underestimate the Michelle Obama effect. The new fashion-conscious First Lady is likely to have huge influence over fashion trends as people look to what she’s wearing. Expect understated chic from the White House.

7. Be nature’s friend. Mother Nature featured strongly during New York Fashion Week 2009, both in clothing and accessories. Any seed jewellery, or fashion jewellery using leaf or tree motifs, natural organic materials or wood is bang on-trend this season.

8. White Shirts are featuring very strongly at the moment. The risk with a white shirt is that, twinned with a black skirt or trousers, it can make you look like a waitress. Why not take this trend to the next level and offset the white shirt trend by adding a colourful necklace?

9. It has been said before, but it’s worth saying again. Tribal remains big, both in clothes (with batiks and exotic prints) and in jewellery, with khaki-coloured palm fibre jewellery and big cuffs remaining something that will work really well in 2009 and no doubt in 2010.

10. Dangling Earrings. Chandeliers that graze your shoulders are set to become a little bit stale this season (not to mention unpractical!), but simple dangling earrings will remain stylish.

It’s not all doom and gloom in 2009, but maybe this is the year to think before you buy. These fashion jewellery tips are a great, and affordable, way of staying ahead of the pack this season.

Bespoke Engagement Ring Designers Bring Back Art Deco

There’s no denying that the 1920s were a time for very innovative fashion, architecture and jewellery. From statement headpieces and flapper dresses to bold jewellery designs and instantly knowable building structures, the Roaring Twenties can rarely be challenged if you’re looking for an era known for its glitz and glamour.

Art Deco is characterized by its use of geometric, unusual shapes, theatricality and vibrant colours. As of late, bespoke engagement ring designers have noticed an increase in popularity of this style once again. People are looking for the romanticism and charm of the time to be encapsulated within their jewellery.

Vintage Jewellery Comeback

Vintage jewellery design has resurged in a big way this year. Not only are people buying antiques, but they also seeking contemporary jewellery with a vintage feel. Bespoke engagement ring designers are thriving on producing their own creative take on this exciting vintage trend. A perfect example of beautiful, Art Deco inspired contemporary design is the work of designer Amanda Mansell. It pays a stunning tribute to the design whilst Amanda explores her own creativity and modern ideas.

1920s Revival

With the recent release of films such as The Great Gatsby and the television series Downton Abbey proving to be extremely popular, all things vintage have been making a comeback. This doesn’t just apply to jewellery; vintage fashioned weddings are also becoming extremely popular. In some cases, bespoke engagement ring designers are asked to create something Art Deco inspired which can then often influence the theme of the entire wedding.

Unique Design

In many ways, it’s surprising that Art Deco hasn’t made a comeback sooner, considering its astounding initial popularity. Art Deco has the perfect balance between the recognisable and the original. It is a much sought after style, but has not lost its originality due to popular demand as it has so many strings to its bow. Unlike many other styles, Art Deco can range from the intrinsically detailed and beautiful to the complex and decadent, giving it an appeal to everyone. Art Deco also has a unique kind of quirkiness which many people like if they are looking for something which can match their personality or reflect their relationship. It perfectly sums up the era in which it was born as it is innovative, exciting and glamorous. It’s not surprising that bespoke engagement ring designers are being commissioned to design jewellery using this exciting style.

Simple Tips to Buy Beautiful and Perfect Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a perfect and beautiful engagement ring for your lady love then here are few steps which will help you in finding a perfect ring and will also make your shopping process easier.

The first thing which you must bear in mind before you go for shopping is your budget. It is very essential to set your budget so that you can get the idea of how much you have to spend on your ring. And remember there is no need to feel bad if your budget is low. Today you can easily buy beautiful engagement rings for cheap prices from online jewellery stores.

Once you have set your budget you must consider the style and preference of your lady. Engagement rings are the ring which your lady will wear for her rest of the life and so it is very important to buy a ring which suits the personality and lifestyle of your lady. You must also make sure that the ring which you are selecting for her must look good on her hand and must enhance the beauty of her hand. You must also keep in mind the size of her ring finger.

Another thing which you must consider before buying your ring is the place. You must make sure that you are buying your ring from the reputed place. Remember if you will buy your ring from the reputed and popular jewellery store then you will be assured of the quality and you will be also assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

You must also make sure that you have the insurance of your ring. Buying insurance for your ring is very important because we all know that it is not just a piece of jewellery but it holds a very significant place in your life. It symbolizes your true love and commitment which you want to share with your partner till eternity. And as we wear the ring daily hence the chances of getting it lost are more hence it is good idea to have insurance for your ring.

These are the few points which you must consider before buying your engagement ring. Remember by following these few simple steps you can easily find a perfect ring for your lady love.